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Welcome to Cherry Island Golf Course in Elverta, California, where the golfing experience is seamlessly woven into the rich tapestry of the local wildlife. Prepare for an exceptional round of golf surrounded by the natural beauty of Sacramento County.
As you explore Cherry Island, keep an eye out for the majestic Wild Turkeys roaming the course and the vibrant Western Blue Birds gracing the skies. Observe the presence of Green Herons by the water features and enjoy the playful antics of California Ground Squirrels. These fascinating creatures share the course with you, adding a touch of wild charm to your golfing adventure.
Cherry Island Golf Course is not only a haven for golf enthusiasts but also an official habitat that contributes to the conservation of the local wildlife. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected in the course design, featuring water features such as ponds and lakes that serve as essential sources for irrigation. These features create natural habitats for the diverse wildlife, enhancing the unique charm of Cherry Island.
Much of the water used at Cherry Island originates sustainably, drawing from local sources to minimize environmental impact. Much of the water in Sacramento County's water supply flows from the Sacramento and American Rivers as well as local groundwater wells. By carefully managing water resources, including those from nearby water bodies, we ensure responsible usage and contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem.
Immerse yourself in the golfing experience at Cherry Island Golf Course, where each swing is accompanied by the beauty of Elverta's diverse wildlife. Enjoy a round of golf that goes beyond the game, creating lasting memories surrounded by the natural wonders of Cherry Island.

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